Power BI Premium P1

Power BI Premium P1

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Power BI capacity for your organization's needs, unlocking unlimited content distribution and all premium features. P1 can utilize up to 8 virtual cores. You will need to separately purchase Power BI per user license for users who publish content or use collaboration features. Eligible for auto scale add-on via Azure subscription.

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Power BI Premium P1
Business apps
Boost employee productivity with apps that help your organization automate processes, plan and track projects, create workflows, and more.
 Included apps
       Power BI premium capacity 
Dedicated capacity you allocate, scale, and control
        Backend v-cores 
Backend v-cores are responsible for the heavy lifting: query processing, cache management, running R servers, data refresh, natural language processing, real-time feeds, and server-side rendering of reports and images. With the backend v-cores, a certain amount of memory is reserved as well. Having sufficient memory becomes especially important when dealing with large data models or with a large number of active datasets.
4 v-cores, 25GB RAM
        DirectQuery/live connection limits 30/second
        Frontend v-cores 
Frontend v-cores are responsible for the web service, dashboard and report document management, access rights management, scheduling, APIs, uploads and downloads, and generally for everything that relates to the user experience.
4 v-cores
        Max page renders at peak hour 1,201-2,400
        Total v-cores 8 v-cores