Windows 365 Business (with Windows Hybrid Benefit)

Windows 365 Business (with Windows Hybrid Benefit)

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Windows 365 Business with Windows Hybrid Benefit is for smaller organizations that want a simple way to buy, deploy, and manage Cloud PCs, for up to 300 users on a Windows 10 Pro device. Windows Hybrid Benefit is a licensing benefit that helps reduce the cost of Windows 365 Business. With Windows Hybrid Benefit, you receive a discount of up to 16 percent on your Windows 365 subscription if you already use Windows 10 Pro on a device. Savings vary by Windows 365 Cloud PC configuration and region. With your Windows 365 Cloud PC, you can securely stream your Windows experience -- including your personalized apps, content, and settings -- from the Microsoft cloud to any device.

Plans and Pricing Windows 365 Business (with Windows Hybrid Benefit)
A vCPU is a virtual processor, representing a portion of the Microsoft cloud resources assigned to a user's cloud PC. The more vCPUs, the higher the processing power and greater the ability to run multiple apps simultaneously.
RAM is memory in the Microsoft cloud that's assigned to a user's cloud PC. A vCPU works with RAM to determine how well an application will run. The more RAM, the greater the efficiency and capacity.
Storage allows information to be saved to a user's cloud PC, including installed apps and data files. With more storage, you can save bigger apps and more data.
    1 vCPU 2 GB 64 GB ‎€18.20‎ ‎license‎/month
    2 vCPU 4 GB 64 GB €25.50‎ ‎license‎/month
    2 vCPU 4 GB 128 GB ‎€28.20‎ ‎license‎/month
    2 vCPU 4 GB 256 GB ‎€36.40‎ ‎license‎/month
    2 vCPU 8 GB 128 GB ‎€37.30‎ ‎license‎/month
    2 vCPU 8 GB 256 GB ‎€45.50‎ ‎license‎/month
    4 vCPU 16 GB 128 GB ‎€60.10‎ ‎license‎/month
    4 vCPU 16 GB 256 GB ‎€68.30‎ ‎license‎/month
    4 vCPU 16 GB 512 GB ‎€92.00‎ ‎license‎/month
    8 vCPU 32 GB 128 GB ‎€112.70‎ ‎license‎/month
    8 vCPU 32 GB 256 GB ‎€120.20‎ ‎license‎/month
    8 vCPU 32 GB 512 GB ‎€143.90‎ ‎license‎/month